Dontnod Entertainment announced that Tell Me Why will be split into three episodes to be released “just a few weeks apart” from each other.

Learning from Life is Strange 2, the developer has chosen to change tack regarding the upcoming narrative game. “Fan feedback was our primary source of motivation,” said game director Florent Guillaume. “We could hear how important it is for fans to be able to enjoy our games without having to wait for long periods of time in between each episode or chapter. Having shorter waits and predictable release dates brings more challenges for us in terms of production, but we hope these changes will be great improvements to the overall player experience.”

Guillame is proud to tell the community that the team is adapting to the new structure, and he’s “really happy” and “very excited” with the game’s progression. Because Dontnod Entertainment is inspired by episodic TV shows, the game’s three chapters won’t be released in one go. “We definitely want the community to have enough time to discuss, speculate, and build on their experiences—in just enough time to enjoy the wait between episodes!” the director elaborated. “Because of this, we hope fans’ adventures will be greatly improved with a short wait in between each part of Tell Me Why’s story.”

Executive producer Arnaud de Pischof also expressed that players should never feel “rushed” with a Dontnod game. “In playtests, we’re seeing that some people complete a chapter within two or three hours,” said Pischof. “But some players who really want to dig deep into the experience take much longer, which is great!” The company is adopting a careful and considered approach to Tell Me Why, and wants to deliver an authentic and compassionate exploration of a trans identity.

“Skepticism is healthy, as the game industry often falls short when it comes to portrayals of marginalized groups. Without an adequate depth of knowledge, it’s easy to fall back on simplistic and often harmful tropes,” said lead writer Morgan Lockhart. “Given how often these types of portrayals have failed the trans community, we hope we have taken positive steps forward in the creation and portrayal of Tyler.”

Tell Me Why is an episodic game set to launch for PC and Xbox One in summer 2020. 

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