Tell Me Why, the newest episodic narrative adventure from Dontnod Entertainment, will see its first episode launch on August 27.

Following that, the second episode will arrive on September 3, and the third episode will become available on September 10. Exploring themes of grief, abandonment, identity, and family, Tell Me Why follows the twins Alyson and Ronan who are reunited ten years after their mother’s death. They return to their hometown in rural Alaska to close that chapter in their lives, but discover that their memories diverge.

Using the siblings’ supernatural Bond, the player will delve into the truth of what happened on that night. Each choice will bring them together or push them apart, for better or for worse. Earlier this year, Dontnod Entertainment stressed in an interview that the portrayals of marginalised identities have been “carefully crafted” with the help of research and external consultation. 

“Trans characters in media are unfortunately too rare, both in movies or TV shows and even more in video games,” said director Florent Guillame. “This game means a lot to us, and hopefully will mean something for people who usually don’t have enough visibility. So we totally feel the responsibility we have to portray Tyler in a positive way.”

Tell Me Why will launch for PC and Xbox One in three episodes, with the first episode launching on August 27. Watch the new trailer below.


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