Bandai Namco has announced that the next addition to the Tekken 7 roster will be Fatal Fury’s Geese Howard, the iconic baddie from SNK’s Fatal Fury series. He’ll be coming to the game in winter. Geese’s addition to Tekken 7 was announced by the game director Katsuhiro Harada at the conclusion of the Tekken 7 grand final at Evo 2017.

This announcement follows on from Akuma from Street Fighter appearing in Tekken 7, making Geese the second non-Namco character in the Tekken series. In the gameplay reveal, Geese Howard is seen laying the law down on a number of Tekken mainstays, and he seems to particularly have it in for Heihachi Mishima. Cue mad laughter.

Geese Howard is due to come in winter 2017 as part of Tekken 7’s DLC 2. The Tekken 7 season pass says the second DLC pack includes  two additional playable characters, meaning there's still another to be revealed. 

Geese Howard originally appeared in the 1991 SNK fighter, Fatal Fury: King of Fighters as a crime boss in the fictional city of South Town. He’s a bit of a horrible bastard really, but in a game like this, that means fun. Obviously.

Tekken 7 is out on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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