Nintendo has announced the World Maker mode for Super Mario Maker 2, which adds the ability to create eight different worlds and a maximum of 40 levels within the world (via Destructoid).

New introductions are the set of masks that alter Mario’s appearance and abilities. The Cannon Box shoots short-range and long-range cannonballs, the Propeller Box carries Mario into the air, the Red Pow Box gives three charges of POWer, the Goomba Mask tricks enemies, and the Bullet Bill Mask harnesses horizontal flight for as long as the player likes. 

The Koopalings say hello in the World Maker update, and it also adds the new Cursed Key, On/Off Trampolines, and the Mechakoopa. This will be the game’s last update, and it will arrive on April 22.

Super Mario Maker 2 is out now for the Nintendo Switch. Watch the World Maker update trailer below.


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