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Sucker Punch confirms Ghost of Tsushima will include an option for Japanese audio

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Sucker Punch's stunning-looking Ghost of Tsushima will up the authenticity by offering an option for Japanese audio, the studio has revealed.

While the gameplay demo at Sony's 'deep dive' E3 presser featured English dialogue, Sucker Punch confirmed to press at the show that it's also working on the option for Japanese voiceovers with English subtitles.

A demo shown to press at E3 actually did include some Japanese dialogue, although the studio is still working on implementing the feature (via PST). As such, it's unknown if it will be included at launch.

Ghost of Tsushima adopts an evocative feudal Japan setting during the Mongol invasion, which took place during the period 1274 – 1281. The story focuses on samurai Jin Saka, and weaves a tale of 'revenge, empowerment and hope.'

It's a massive departure for Sucker Punch, who have spent many years working on the superhero-charged inFAMOUS series for PS3 and PS4. 

Ghost of Tsushima has yet to attract a release date.

Ghost of Tsushima

on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5

Release Date:

July 17, 2020