by on Apr 30, 2021

Streets of Rage 4 will add Max Thunder in upcoming Mr. X Nightmare DLC

Dotemu has announced the next new character coming to side-scrolling beat-em-up Streets of Rage 4 as part of its Mr X. Nightmare DLC soon as Streets of Rage 2's Max Thunder.

The wrestler has a bunch of grapple-based moves in his arsenal, as well as off the wall strikes and a devestating ground-pound manouvre known as Blitz. He'll be joined by Estel Aguirre and one more, yet to be revealed character when the DLC launches.

There's still no date for the DLC just yet, but as previously revealed it'll also include a new Survival mode and the ability to customise fighters to create your own fighting style and will also feature new music from Sonic Mania composer Tee Lopes.

Check out the trailer for the Streets of Rage 4: Mr X. Nightmare DLC below which is coming to the game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. 



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Streets of Rage 4

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01 January 2019