Capcom wrapped up the 2019 edition of its regular Capcom Cup competition by announcing another new fighter who'll be added to Street Fighter V Champion Edition when it launches in March next year.

Seth, previously the final boss from Street Fighter IV, has a new look - given their brain is now inhabiting a new body following the events of that game - and has a bunch of moves at their disposal including Tanden Engine, which lets them steal a selected special move from their opponent, and Tanden Extreme which throws their opponent at the screen with quite the impact.

On top of this announcement, Capcom also released the new December Update to Street Fighter V - which adds all new V-Skills to every character in the game, new balance changes and more - which you can read a full breakdown of on the Capcom Unity blog.

 The update also brings along another new character in the form of Gill. Another boss character - this time from Street Fighter III - he's available for individual purchase now for £4.99 GBP or 100,000 Fight Money, and his stage Sun Chase Moon is available for £3.29 GBP or 75,000 Fight Money.

Both new characters will be available along with all content from the base Street Fighter V, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition and every character, stage and costume released after Arcade Edition in the Street Fighter V Champion Edition, which will be available as a standalone package or as an upgrade kit for existing owners of Street Fighter V on PC and PlayStation 4 from February 14, 2020. 


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