Capcom has confirmed that lean, green fighting machine Blanka will make his long-awaited Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition debut on February 20. The muscle-bound warrior will be the second character in the game's Season Three lineup, arriving some two years after SFV's initial launch.

Blanka is wooed back into this latest game of fisticuffs by a mysterious salesman, who approaches him with the prospect of making him famous by mass producing a Blanka doll. This is despite the fact Blanka has been living in relative peace with his mum, Samantha, and has slowly been accepted back into society. Ah, the lure of the limelight, and all that. 

As you'd expect, Blanka (real name Jimmy, dontcha know) has a fighting style that is purely animalistic, with the green-skinned bruiser duffing up his opponents with a combination of scratching, leaping, and outright pummelling. In terms of specials, his V-Skill is known as Coward Crouch, and he'll also wield two V-Triggers: Jungle Dynamo and Lightning Beast, plus a Critical Art called Dynamic Rolling.

Blanka can be snapped up as a standalone combatant for $5.99/100,000 Fight Money, or comes as part of the $29.99 Season Pass, which also features Sakura, Falke, Cody, G, and Sagat. Blanka himself will come in three flavours: His new Battle Costume, the Story costume (which is actually the aforementioned Blanka doll), and the Nostalgia costume. 

Check out Blanka in action below.

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