A range of Street Fighter III DLC has been announced for release this year, beginning on September 6/7 with Color Pack 1.

"Color Pack 1 will be launching next week, on September 6/7. The price for this is $2.99, and buying this one pack will add 7 new colours for each character!" explained Derek Neal, producer on Street Fighter III Third Strike Online Edition. "The colours are available in pretty much all modes, but can't be seen by people who haven't purchased the DLC."

It's also worth noting that the colour palettes won't be viewable in replay files.

Neal added: "In addition to Color Pack 1 (and future colour packs), we're proud to announce several other DLC offerings today, which should be showing up in the next month or so.

"The first of those announcements is: a set of Music Packs(!), which add new songs. Specifically, they add...all the character themes from the first two Street Fighter III games, 'New Generation' and 'Second Impact'!"

There's also a treat in store for real Street Fighter aficionados, with the upcoming release of Match Packs.

"As some of you may know, we held a semi-secret tournament at the Capcom offices earlier this year, and called it Fight For the Future, 2011. We invited 16 high level SF3 players from all around the world to participate, including four from Japan. With these Match Packs, we are now going to bring that tournament straight to you, in the comfort of your living room. Each pack comes stocked with over an hour worth of content, and every single match is accompanied by professional commentary, recorded by the one and only: James Chen!" Neal explained. "Finally, there will be two of these Match Packs. One will cover the entire Tournament Top 8, while the other is a 'best bouts' pack stocked with all the hypest matches from the event. Look forward to it later this year!"


Via Capcom Unity