Eugen Systems has announced that it’s beavering away on Steel Division 2, a follow-up to the studio’s hit World War II-era strategy romp from 2017.

Steel Division 2 plonks gamers in the events of the massive Soviet offensive known as Operation Bagration, which took place during the summer of 1944. Here, you’ll pit steel against steel in epic 10v10 multiplayer rucks, as well as a new turn-based solo offering known as Dynamic Strategic Campaign.

Big is better seems to be the philosophy behind Steel Division 2, with Eugen Systems promising massive battlefields plus the ability to command over 600 units from the Red Army and Axis forces. 

Overall, you’ll be able to select from 18 divisions and battle it out across 25 sprawling maps.

In addition, the art direction and deck building mechanics have been spruced up, which Eugen says offers a more ‘refined player experience’ for the sequel.

‘We’ve made a lot of improvements to Steel Division 2 based on direct feedback from our most avid fans of Steel Division: Normandy 44,’ commented Eugen Systems co-founder, Alexis Le Dressay.

‘For instance, we know they will love the new single-player Dynamic Strategic Campaigns. But we are planning much more for Steel Division 2. Expect more details about new features and units after gamescom 2018. The game is a true passion project for us, and we hope players look forward to seeing more as development continues.’

Steel Division 2 has yet to receive a release date.

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