Steam Greenlight, Valve's new community-moderated system for determining which indie games they want to see made available to buy, has gone live.

At time of writing 497 games are vying for your attention, including popular indie titles like Slender, Project Zomboid and Project Giana.

Some users may be treating the service less seriously than others, however - right now there's at least one attempt at making a project for Half-Life 3.

The system will be familiar to anyone who has used the Steam Workshop this year, with much of the presentation using the same code. Each game comes with information, screenshots and many glorious promises about what will happen if you choose to recommend the game, and Valve will consider the community response to each game as a way of prioritising what gets published on Steam.

"As we've done with all Steam features, we intend to continually grow and modify Greenlight as more and more developers and community members have a chance to get involved," said Valve's Anna Sweet in a press release.