State of Decay 2 update 1.2 is a bit of a whopper at 20GB

State of Decay 2 update 1.2 is a bit of a whopper at 20GB
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State of Decay 2 launched a few weeks back and wasn't in the best of shape, but developer Undead Labs is attempting to polish things up with the release of what promises to be many updates for the zombie dismember-'em-up.

Undead Labs chief Jeff Strain stressed that update 1.2 is 'just the beginning,' with the studio apparently having 'big plans' for State of Decay 2 going forward.

Better make sure you have enough space though, as the patch weighs in at 20GB. Ouch. 

So, what's new? For starters, the update applies numerous stability and networking fixes, including ironing out the 'Out of Memory' crashes. 

Elsewhere, zombies are no longer granted immunity to the Assault Kick, environments now have improved collision spots, while grenades will no longer get stuck and explode in front of your face when lobbed. 

There's a bunch more fixes introduced, so head over to the official website and have a butcher's at the State of Decay update 1.2 patch notes. 

Despite some teething problems, State of Decay 2 appears to have gotten off to a good start, with over 675 million zombies dispatched to date.

Alice thought State of Decay 2 was a decent undead-slaughter fest, but suffered from some notable performance issues (most of which have hopefully been fixed in the above update).