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Stardew Valley 1.4 update is big and it’s out now

Stardew Valley
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Stardew Valley has a new update today, called 1.4, which adds a slew of content, including new clothes and clothes tailoring, fish breeding, and new buildings.

Developer ConcernedApe released the patch notes (via Eurogamer), which are comedically and ludicrously long. Fish ponds, hairstyles, 14-heart events, new hats, two new secret notes, 181 shirts, 17 new flooring options, a Deluxe Scarecrow, Dinosaur Mayonnaise (!).

Having not played Stardew Valley myself, the list reads like a satire of patch notes. Alongside the content lists, there are new multiplayer options as well, such as the new Four Corners map, and the option or players to have their own money pools. There is also a rush of bug fixes, balance tweaks, all round comfort improvements.

The update is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch at the moment, with a probably iOS and Android release on the horizon as well.

Stardew Valley

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February 25, 2016