Stardew Valley 1.4 patch improves ‘nearly every aspect of the game’

Stardew Valley 1.4 patch improves ‘nearly every aspect of the game’
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Stardew Valley is getting a ginormous update that will improve ‘nearly every aspect of the game’ in some shape or form, as revealed by its creator Eric ‘ConcernedApe’ Barone.

‘One of my main goals with 1.4 was to finally “polish” the game to the degree that I’ve always wanted,’ Barone shed a little light on what players will look forward to in the free update. ‘What I mean by that is that I wanted to fix all the bugs that have been lingering in the game, to fix a lot of weird or annoying things about the controls and feel of the game, and add in a lot of “quality of life” features that will make the game more seamless to play.’

He said he did not want to spoil too much for the Stardew Valley community, but he could reveal a few new bits and bobs. Firstly, there’s the Wild Bait that used to be ‘worthless’ but now lets players catch double fish. And, there is a never-before-seen 14-heart event for each spouse after the player ties the knot. For the PC version, there is now a screenshot button that will snap a screen of the entire farm, something that was only possible with a mod. Barone hinted ‘more end-game stuff’ that will ‘keep things going a little further’ is coming to the game, and that the update is very nearly ready.

Barone briefly mentioned that the new update should help performance on console versions, the PS Vita version will receive an update that fixes bugs only, and he has no intention to integrate multiplayer on mobile versions. He also thanked the small team that has collaborated with him on the patch, and assured the community that ‘a lot more [will be] in each update than I could do alone.’

The 1.4 patch will roll out for PC on November 26, and will come to consoles and mobile platforms a little later.