StarCraft II expansion pack Heart of the Swarm is nearly finished, says Blizzard, and the game's final lick of polish is all that's remaining.

Lead designer Dustin Browder said in an interview with Kotaku that the game is "99 per cent done" but added the caveat that the "last one per cent is a bitch."

What's done, then? All missions and new playable units are in place, but the developer is focusing on that crucial late-stage tuning.

"We could do a play-through next week that we're like, 'Wow this is really great.' Or we could do a play-through and we still have 250 items we wanna fix," said Browder.

"You know, historically speaking we're doing pretty well. We're getting there."

How long does this process take, Dustin? Days? Weeks? Years? "I don't know for sure yet when we'll be done."

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, a mainstay of the burgeoning eSports scene, launched in 2009 and is a proud member of the exclusive 10/10 club.