Blizzard has announced that the multiplayer-only beta test for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm has gone live.

The selective first wave of the beta ensures that most of us won't be playing right now, but Blizzard promises to open it up to many more players over the coming weeks and months.

Beta testers are not under NDA, so expect plenty of video streamowotsits being broadcast down the magical internet pipes or whatever it is that the trendy kids are down with these days.

A copy of 10/10 scoring Wings of Liberty is not required to get in, though Blizzard has hinted that active StarCraft II players will have a better chance of grabbing one of these Wonkaesque golden tickets.

Heart of the Swarm, which could potentially see a 2012 release depending on the results of the beta, introduces seven new multiplayer units and a new Zerg campaign.