Users who have subscribed to and been billed at least once for Star Wars: The Old Republic during its first few months will receive a Founder title along with a Founder's Medal as a thank you for their early adoption of the MMO.

In order to receive the medal and title, players must first purchase Star Wars: The Old Republic and redeem their official Game Product Registration Code.

Then by March 18, 9:01PM PST they must either be billed at least once for an active subscription to the game or redeem a Star Wars: The Old Republic Game Time Code.

Eligible users will find their Founder's medal in an in-game email, at which point you will unlock the Founder title which will be permanently bound to your account and any character you make in the future.

BioWare warns it can take up to seven days for the title to apply.

This news comes just after the first major content patch for the game was released, following a slight delay due to further bug fixes.