Star Wars: The Old Republic has broken EA's record for pre-orders, the publisher announced over night as part of its Q1 fiscal 2012 financial results.

Speaking in an earnings call following the publication of the financials, Frank Gibeau, president of EA Games Label, added: "I'm not going to give you an actual number yet on the pre-orders. I want to get through the first week and all the telemetry come in. But in general, the pre-order numbers are ahead of our expectations on Star Wars. It's ahead of the curve that we plotted for what we need to do in terms of reaching our goals.

"It's about - it's the largest number we've done at EA in comparison to other titles. The next closest title is Battlefield 3, and it was up significantly from there."

And while EA is currently targeting a holiday 2011 launch, we should get concrete release info very shortly.

"As we get through the bulk of the summer, we're going to be ramping up our beta campaign. And by the time we get to around September, we'll be in a position to be able to really call the ball and give you the hard ship date," said Gibeau.

BioWare recently said that it hopes Star Wars: The Old Republic will last decades, while a retail source pointed to a November release date.