Star Trek Online, the Cryptic MMO that is set to go free-to-play next week, will be receiving regular content updates starting February.

Executive producer Stephen D'Angelo stated in a recent developer diary that updates will begin slowly with holodeck bug fixes and new features to prepare for the game's conversion to a freemium model on January 17.

Following the game's two year anniversary this February, new Federation and Klingon flagships, as well as the Dominion episode series will be introduced. In March we will see the first Duty Officer system expansion as well as new game features.

Finally D'Angelo says his goal is "to have something new in the game nearly every week" from the February anniversary until the end of April.

Star Trek Online originally launched in 2010 as a subscription-based MMO featuring microtransactional content.

This follows a similar development philosophy as Rift has - a belief that the way to success is through regular, regimented content updates. It's difficult to implement but it seems more MMOs are going this route.