Star Trek Online will be celebrating its second birthday on February 2, and in honour of the occasion Cryptic Studios has plans to release the new Odyssey-class (Enterprise F) starships.

Users level 5 or above will be able to test drive the new ship in a mission headed by Engineer Kani, which when completed will reward them with an Odyssey starship of their own.

KDF officers level 21 or above will similarly be rewarded with their own new Bortas (Vengeance) class starship, after reporting to Engineer Tum'Era and completing a shakedown mission.

However during STO's four-day celebration event, both ships will be free to all users regardless of level or rank outside of combat. In order to fly in combat users must be level 50.

Following the anniversary event, the ships will not be available for some time, executive producer Stephen D'Angelo warns.

The event runs from 10AM PST on February 2 to February 6.

Star Trek Online recently went free-to-play this year, and now offers a two-tier business model that allows users to choose between a free account and a Gold account for a monthly fee.