Chris Roberts' ambitious open world space sim Star Citizen has smashed its Kickstarter target - just five days after it was added to the crowd-funding website.

At the time of publishing, 11,289 backers had pledged a total of $512,401 to Roberts' "space epic", nudging funds beyond the initial $500,000 target.

"Hey, we hit our $500,000 goal on Kickstarter!" said Ben Lesnick, community manager at Roberts' studio Cloud Imperium Games. "Onward to $3 million! New stretch goals and a ships plan SOON!"

Roberts had initially planned to keep all crowdsourcing restricted to his own website, but was forced to expand the project to Kickstarter after issues with the site made it difficult for consumers to pledge.

Roberts has raised $1,344,612 via his website, bringing the current total amount pledged to $1,857,013.

Chris Roberts previously developed classic space shooters Wing Commander and Freelancer. Star Citizen is said to be a contemporary mixture of the two.

"Essentially what I'm coming back and saying I'm going to make is, I'm making my super dream game that I always wanted to make, which is basically taking Privateer, Freelancer and Wing Commander and rolling it all into one big persistent universe," Roberts told VideoGamer at the game's announcement. was given an early look at the game earlier this month. To find out more about the project, head through here.

Star Citizen is expected to launch in November 2014.