The standalone release of DayZ could be priced at around 15 Euros, creator Dean Hall has suggested.

Talking to last week, Hall said that the standalone version of his hit open world horror will deliver "a much more polished, robust product with enough features that people are like, 'Okay, 15 Euro, sure fine, why not?'"

The price point was later referred to again in a separate interview with Eurogamer, where Hall said: "I would see DayZ releasing at around the 15 EUR mark, which would be much lower than any potential competitor could do it, let alone with the feature set that we're planning."

Hall told last week that the standalone release of DayZ would use the 'Minecraft model', allowing for "fast iteration, [a] low-entry price-point, high community involvement, and small collaborative development".

For sake of comparison, Minecraft currently costs €19.95, but was only €10 in alpha.

DayZ is due for release on digital platforms later this year.