It was inevitable, but EA has officially announced that SSX 4 (or SSX On Tour, as they are calling it) will be released for the usual home consoles this winter. The game is under development at EA Canada and will once again go under the EA Sports Big label.

"SSX On Tour is a completely fresh take on the SSX franchise," said Steve Barcia, senior producer on the game. "Building on the core speed and trick gameplay that has been so successful in the past, you can now choose your way to become a mountain rockstar."

It appears that you'll have the choice of Skis or a board in this quest to become a 'mountain rockstar,' but you won't be taking your character online. SSX 4 has gone down the offline only route, concentrating on the single player experience and single system multiplayer modes. The game is due out this winter on PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube, and you can expect some hands-on impressions from E3 later this month.