Necrobarista, the super-stylish visual novel about ghosts and grinding beans, is getting DLCs. 

“Maddy's story is finished for now, but if you were wondering about those troublesome teens Tuan and Hannah, or the secretive and sultry Samantha, or that guy from the OP with the waistcoat and cigar, wonder no further: we'll be telling those characters' stories as well,” said developer Route 59 Games in an post published to Steam. “Starting later this year, we'll be releasing several(!) DLC chapters at no extra cost, telling side stories set within the Terminal featuring these characters.”

A darkly comic yet compassionate story exploring grief and the politics of death, Necrobarista released to rave reviews after almost five years in development. With eight chapters set in the coffee shop that’s some sort of purgatory (maybe?), the characters and writing pop with personality and emotion. It’s a wonderful experience, even if you’re not familiar with visual novels, and it’s really stuck with me. And, the soundtrack is brilliant. 

Necrobarista is out now for PC, and will be coming to Switch and PlayStation 4 in 2021. 

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