by on Jun 9, 2019

Spiritfarer is a beautiful-looking game where you furnish a houseboat

From developer Thunder Lotus Games comes Spiritfarer, a painterly game about furnishing a floating house.

Check out the trailer:

Thunder Lotus have a history of beautifully animated hand-drawn games – like Jotun and Sundered – and Spiritfarer looks to continue that tradition.

The game also has something of an Animal Crossing vibe, with fishing on offer, shopping from the local stores, and farming get busy with. There isn't much by way of story in the trailer, just a series of a very lovely images, and that's nice.

There isn't a set release date for Spiritfarer, but it's heading to Xbox Game Pass.


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on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

Release Date:

03 February 2021