Soulcalibur studio explains why it doesn’t release frame data

Soulcalibur studio explains why it doesn’t release frame data
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The developer behind the Soulcalibur franchise has shed light on its decision not to share frame data for the popular fighting game series.

Frame data is something that a lot of hardcore fighting game players study. It's a way of measuring how fast an attack is performed, how quickly (or not) it recovers, allowing you in turn to judge how safe or unsafe a move is, and how to counter if you're on the receiving end.

Bandai Namco Games stablemate Tekken 7 openly shares frame data. Hell, even I've come around to studying it; I figured it wasn't necessary at first and couldn't be arsed, but then realised just how valuable a tool it can be. It's definitely helped me escape the dreaded Green Ranks online with Kazuya, that's for sure.

Anyway, Soulcalibur doesn't share this data. In fact, Project Soul says that it's 'party of our policy' not to divulge the info.

'If we released the data officially we would be undermining this experience that many enjoy,' the company said during a recent Q&A (via Eurogamer). It also added that it would put off newcomers 'by giving the vibe that the frame data must be studied closely for the game to be enjoyable which is not what we are aiming for.'

'Having said that, we also are aware that the fighting game scene is becoming more and more competitive each passing day and that many players would enjoy an official release of the frame data.'

Soulcalibur VI is the latest entry in the series to see a release, arriving on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One back in October. It's a right corker, too.