Namco Bandai has had a very good Q1, posting sales numbers of 108.6 billion yen, a 23 per cent increase on last year's 88.2 billion yen.

This amounted to net income of 10.2 billion yen, a huge 214 per cent bump to 2011's 3.2 billion yen.

The company's Content Division, which contains gaming, produced more sales than any other, with a 160 per cent increase to 59.9 billion yen. Namco Bandai's five new home console titles sold 1.3 million on PS3 and 948,000 on the Xbox 360. Its six PSP titles shifted 549,000 units, two DS titles 270,000 units, four 3DS titles 322,000 units and one Wii game sold 386,000 units.

Soul Calibur V sold 680,000 units in Q1, pushing total sales to 1.3 million units, becoming the publisher's most popular title. Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations was second with 440,000 units sold.

These positive figures have led the company to up its half year projections, but holding off on raising full-year projections.