Sony has defended the pricing of digital PS Vita games, stating it aims to "bring the digital product to market at or a bit below where the physical product is" but can't control retail pricing in the UK.

Yesterday PS Store pricing for Vita games was announced, with many games costing more than the prices consumers will pay in retail stores and online.

Speaking to Eurogamer at last night's PS Vita launch, Sony Computer Entertainment UK & Ireland VP & managing director Fergal Gara explained why this is happening.

"The primary factor in play here is the competition in the retail marketplace in the UK, which is discounting the product maybe more so than some other markets," he said. "What we've aimed to do with our pricing is bring the digital product to market at or a bit below where the physical product is.

"Competition may mean that comes out differently because we can't control retail pricing in the UK. It is also very important to us to keep the physical retail market well supported. So therefore we don't want to drastically undercut that with digital prices. We need to retain some sort of harmony, but give consumers the choice.

"So right now they'll see something round about equal, maybe a little bit cheaper on digital, depending on which country you're in. But they'll also see a vast choice of additional digital games in there. Consumers will choose what's the best way for them to consume."

As for third-parties such as EA, Gara said he was unable to comment.

"They set their cost prices, we set the retail. We're the retailer in that instance.

"It's probably best for me not to get into commentary around third-party pricing. We will choose the retail, but based on a cost price. They may have chosen a different structure, so I'd rather not comment on that to be honest."

PS Vita is out now and can be yours for as little as £210 with a free 8GB memory card from Add a game for only £15.