Sony has released the first official screenshots of The Last of Us Remastered one week after alleged shots of the next-gen version leaked online.

The screenshots come courtesy of a post on PlayStation Blog discussing the improvements found in the PS4 remaster.

"Lighting quality has received a boost, with improved shadow detail," reads the post. "Joel and Ellie's in-game character models also look more detailed, sporting higher resolution textures that allowed me to see the fabric weave in Joel's filthy flannel shirt. The 1080p presentation also helped me spot subtle visual details I'd never noticed in the original PS3 version, like the way tiny streams of blood trickle down Joel's arm when he's injured, or how rats weave erratically through garbage-strewn ruins."

The new screens follow footage released by Sony overnight and additional details on the PS4 port, including information on trophies, a 30fps toggle and additional DLC planned for later in the year.

Head through here to take a look at the full set of screens.

The Last of Us Remastered launches on PS4 on August 1.