by on Nov 26, 2020

Sony promises more PlayStation 5 consoles coming to retailers “before the end of the year”

Sony has confirmed that more PlayStation 5 consoles will be heading to retailers before the end of the year, following "unprecedented" demand for the new hardware.

In a statement via Twitter, the company thanked gamers for making the recent launch of the next-generation console PlayStation's "biggest console launch" ever, and told fans to stay in touch with their local retailers to best be kept in the loop about when they'll be able to get hold of more units of the system.

The PlayStation 5 is understandably very much in demand at the moment, so much so that retailers have suffered a litany of issues in trying to ensure everyone who's wanted one of the consoles has managed to get their hands on one in the UK alone following the console's launch last week. Current demand has far outstripped supply, with scalping groups said to be one of the major reasons for stock shortages.

We're pretty big fans of the console ourselves—you can have a read over our verdict on the PlayStation 5 right over here.


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