Sony offers no comment on possible PlayStation 5 price increase

Sony offers no comment on possible PlayStation 5 price increase
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Sony has declined to discuss the possibility that the price of the PlayStation 5 could increase. The idea of an increase is linked to the global chip shortage, and has seen price increases elsewhere.

Sony itself has raised the prices of its electronics in Japan. These are things like Blu-ray players, televisions, cameras, etc. The reason for the increases here, Sony has said, is the semiconductor shortage.

During its first-quarter earnings call on Friday, someone asked the company whether the PS5 price would increase. The response (as transcribed by VGC) was as follows:

“About a potential price increase for the PS5, at this point in time there is nothing specific I can share with you about prices.”

This came from Hiroki Totoki, the executive deputy president and chief financial officer at Sony. This, of course, is not a denial. And, given that the PlayStation 5 price is already pretty steep (£449.99 or £359.00 for the disk-free version), this would be galling.

The price doesn’t seem to have stopped people buying the console, however. The only hampering factor in its sales is the semiconductor shortage. Which is affecting every electronics company out there.

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