A new edition of Buzz! is in the works that can be played in the classroom to help primary school pupils learn without the need for pesky books and other outdated teaching paraphernalia.

Buzz!: The Schools Quiz promises to combine the BAFTA award-winning gameplay of the original hit title with Key Stage 2 National Curriculum content, covering topics like Ancient Egypt and the weather.

Developed by Relentless Software in partnership with the Department for Education and Skills, it will feature more than 5,000 unique questions to create the perfect classroom tool. A Team Play mode will encourages cooperation between players, while Fastest Finger will offer a quick, competitive quiz. There will be teacher controls built in to enable them to choose what subjects pupils are being tested on.

David Amor, Creative Director of Relentless, explained: "Using the buzzers and the quiz format means the game is instantly accessible - and works on the basis that kids learn more when they're having fun."

Buzz!: The School Quiz will be unveiled at an education trade show next week before being undergoing an extensive trial in the classroom. Schools should be able to buy a copy this summer from all good specialist retailers.

There is no word yet on whether a home version of the educational quiz is being developed.