by on May 9, 2006

Sonic Wild Fire announced for Wii

The latest in the Sonic series sounds as bizarre as ever, with the final pages of the Arabian Nights having gone missing. Sonic, as duty-bound as ever, sets off to fill in the blanks, by recreating the missing pages. Possibly more exciting is that the game will be Sonic’s first solo adventure since he first appeared back in 1991.

The game will have a very strong Arabian Nights looks and feel, “vibrant environments provide for a refreshingly new look to the franchise filled with brightly coloured mosaic tiles, glistening oases, swaying palm trees, and crumbling stone columns.” Sonic will be able to perform new moves, and can interact with the environment.

Sonic Wild Fire and the innovative Wii controller changes the way gamers play interactive entertainment,” said Scott A. Steinberg, Vice President of SEGA of America, Inc. “SEGA is excited to lead the gameplay revolution through its support of Wii with a Sonic release built exclusively for this new system.

The Wii’s controller will be put to good use, with its motion sensing technology being used to steer sonic left and right and manoeuvre him over and around obstacles. Players will simply have to hold the controller horizontally and tilt it left and right, and flick the controller forward to launch a dash-attack. Just as with the DS, the Wii looks to be a favourite for mini-games designed to make use of the controller. Sonic Wild Fire will feature a host of games suitable for single and multiplayer experiences, all of which will be focussed on utilising the controller’s functionality.

Sonic Wild Fire (still only a working title) is scheduled for release in 2007.


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