City Interactive has revealed the first details of Enemy Front, its new CryEngine 3 powered WWII FPS coming to consoles and PC in 2012.

Developed by City Interactive's UK and Poland studios under the watch of chief designer Stuart Black (of Black fame), Enemy Front is described as a gritty first-person shooter set in the chaos of World War II.

Enemy Front hopes to tell a realistic tale of a hardened soldier dropped behind Nazi lines, with his story spanning several years and key battles, from the trenches of France through to Berlin and a secret weapons base.

The game also explores events that occurred in the Wolf's Lair and the activities that surrounded the deciphering of the Enigma code.

Thanks to CryEngine 3 we're promised a "stunning level of visual detail" complete with environmental damage from every bullet fired or grenade tossed.

Enemy Front will be released in 2012 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Black's previous game was Codemasters' Bodycount, and although he bailed from the project before completion it doesn't exactly look great on his CV. City Interactive is investing some of the wealth earned from Sniper into new projects so will be hoping its faith in Black pays off.