Sierra Entertainment has announced the development of a PSP exclusive title, based on Twentieth Century Fox's upcoming Alien/Predator film. The game is being created by Rebellion, the team behind the hit Alien vs. Predator PC game, and will see players become the ultimate Predator.

The game will play out as a third-person action-adventure, with players taking on the role of an elite lone Predator with an arsenal of weaponry and equipment. As a Predator players will have access to advanced technologies using the wrist computer, including Pred-tech/thermal vision modes and cloaking.

The Predator will use a mix of classic and all-new futuristic weaponry such as wrist blades, laser trip mines and dual shoulder cannons to eradicate all traces of the Alien race.

The game will also feature wireless co-op with players joining forces with friends to play as Predator comrades, attempting to withstand hordes of attacking Aliens.

To add a further challenge, an honour system will be implemented, evaluating the player's success based on how closely they adhere to the Predator's value system. Players will be rewarded with more weapon and armour upgrades for achieving high honours.

Look out for the game around the same time as the movie hits cinemas