If you've ever played Shenmue, then you will of course remember Dobuita Street. It's one of the primary locations in the game, a bustling hub full of shops, chatty locals, vending machines, and thuggish foreigners lurking in the alleyways.

Ryo spends a lot of time in Dobuita on his quest for revenge, gathering information about the 'day the snow turned to rain,' playing Hang-On in the arcades, and getting sweaty in the parking lot honing his skills. 

If that doesn't tug at your nostalgia heartstrings, then this latest video from Sega should, which sees two Shenmue superfans visiting the real-world Dobuita Street. Remarkably, even after all these years, it still features many recognisable locations that Ryo visited on his sailor-searching journey.

Sadly, Tom's hot dog stand isn't around, although to be fair, it probably never was in the first place. Still, cheers for teaching us the Tornado Kick though, mate.

Shenmue I & II is due for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on August 21, though a few features from the original Dreamcast games won't be making a comeback. Check out the video below.

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