SEGA has announced the development of Wacky World of Sports, an outrageous new sports game heading exclusively to Wii late in 2009. The game promises to bring some of the world's most obscure sports to the video game world for the first time.

Wacky World of Sports takes players on a trip around the world to try their hand at some of the lesser known sports of countries including Italy, the Netherlands and Australia. The game will feature ten sports such as Tuna Tossing, Furniture Racing and Extreme Ironing.

"Wacky World of Sports brings together what is easily the most outrageous collection of real life sports games SEGA has ever seen," commented Gary Knight, European Marketing Director, SEGA Europe. "The game brings a whole new dimension to the party game genre, and is sure to become a family favourite. By utilising the unique way of playing on Wii, Wacky World of Sports makes these particularly unusual sports accessible to everyone!"

Wacky World of Sports will be released on Wii late in 2009.