by on Jul 5, 2018

Sega is flogging a Sonic curry that turns your poo blue

Del Boy Trotter was bang on when he said that everyone loves a curry, but have you ever looked at a plate of Vindaloo once and wished you were gobbling down something more…Sonic the Hedgehog-y? Well, now you can.

Sega, for reasons I'm struggling to process, have started flogging Sonic curries in Japan. They come packaged in boxes that resemble the original Sonic the Hedgehog game on the Mega Drive/Genesis, and are inky blue in colour.

To complete the Sonic look, the curry is best paired with rice and whatever food that you can find that happens to be brown.

However, perhaps its most memorable feature is that it has the ability to turn your poo blue. Yup.

'What’s scary is that stuff was inside my stomach for two days before it came out so is the inside of my stomach also blue? Even [worse] is that it took four trips to the toilet before the blue had gone,' wrote Retro Core's video host, who braved the culinary 'delights' of the Sonic curry to bring you all the grisly details. 

I'm also pretty sure there's a joke in there about Sonic being a bit crap already, as Colm was keen to remind me. 

Anyway, fancy a curry?



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