Sega hires actors for key Matrix Online roles

Ian Clements Updated on by

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These days it just doesn’t pay to have your voice-work done by other programmers, or your mates, or that tramp who always hangs around the dustbins outside. Games have always had a rough deal when it comes to competent acting, which is baffling as the effect when Developers get it right cannot be denied.

With a nod to Everquest 2, if no direct desire to take on the huge voice-over work which that title put forward, Sega have announced they will be using actors to lend their tones to key characters within the Matrix universe. It seems likely we’ll be seeing familiar faces from the films; Morpheus, The Oracle, yet the actual voices of the actors we know seems unlikely at this point.

There is no need to despair of course, celebrity ‘voice-impersonators’ don’t have to sound like someone doing a drunken impression down the pub, as has been demonstrated in past titles where the actors were unavailable/unwilling. Giselle Loren did a marvellous job as Buffy in the XBox and PS2 games of the same name, sounding almost identical to the genuine article, and Joan Buddenhagen put in an acceptable Seven of Nine in Star Trek: Elite Force before Jeri Ryan overwrote her in a patch.

The game is due for a European release on April 8th.