Sea of Thieves details the bountiful booty arriving in Season Two today

Sea of Thieves details the bountiful booty arriving in Season Two today
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Rare has taken the lid off the contents of Season Two of nautical pirate playground Sea of Thieves, with a 100 new rewards for canny bucanners to get their hooks into as well as some new gameplay features.

The major new additions this month include the introduction of Trade Routes and Commodities. Emissaries with an excess of gold can now choose to buy crates of resources from merchants at Outposts around the map, and either use them themselves in the case of cannonballs, planks or food or sell them to other merchants who'll be offering different prices that'll fluctuate from week to week.

Another major new addition comes in the form of the new World Events known as Forts of Fortune. These will be particularly tough Skeleton Forts that can be tackled with your crew with the promise of even greater rewards, including guaranteed Athena's Treasures for those who sruvive the undead hordes.

Elsewhere the update also includes Emissary improvements with each faction offering unique rewards per season for pirates who manage to level up their flag for that faction, and of course there's 100 new items on the Pirate Renown reward track along with a bunch of new challenges for which to earn them.

Naturally, there's also 15 new items on offer in this month's premium Plunder Pass for those willing to pay a little bit extra, and there's plenty of new stuff in the Pirate Emporium for you to sail the Sea of Thieves in style including the Dark Warsmith collection.

There's a bunch of other tweaks and additions, you can check out the full release notes for the update over here —or watch the video below for an overview of Season Two which lands today in Sea of Thieves for Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.