KOEI has revealed that a PSP version of Samurai Warriors, due for release in Japan in December, will feature a four-player ad-hoc battle mode. This is great news for fans of the series and those fans disappointed by the lack of multiplayer in the Dynasty Warriors game on the PSP. The four-player mode even eclipses the PlayStation 2's two-player battle mode, which had to be played using a split screen.

Currently only one of a number of proposed game modes have been revealed. You and up to three other rivals are placed on a battlefield and must defeat enemy leaders as quickly as possible. Fighting on the same battlefield means you'll be able to hinder your opponents by attacking them rather than taking out the bosses.

Samurai Warriors on the PSP is also said to boast improved visuals over the PlayStation 2 original, and is a game to watch out for this Christmas if you're partial to some hectic button-mashing action. There is no word on a Western release at present, but it will be available on December 8th for those seeking the game on import.