Rockstar: the DS ‘had a lot of interesting challenges’

Rockstar: the DS ‘had a lot of interesting challenges’
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Speaking to Nintendo Power magazine (reported by Nintendo Everything, Rockstar co-founder Sam Houser has explained the decision to create a new Grand Theft Auto title for the Nintendo DS and not the Wii.

According to Houser it was the new challenges that the Nintendo DS presented that resulted in Rockstar choosing it over the Wii.

“[The Wii] didn’t feel natural to us, I guess. It really was that the DS felt like it had a lot of interesting challenges that would be totally different from what we’d done in the past. The stylus and the chance to use mini-games in that way was really interesting and exciting to us, and we thought we could integrate seamlessly between those two modes. And it would be the chance to make something really good on a handheld with our handheld-focused team. That was really why we went that way,” explained Houser.

He added: “We haven’t really done any concrete, major thinking about the Wii, one way or another. They’re sort of separate issues.”

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is scheduled for release on Nintendo DS this winter.