EA has confirmed to VideoGamer.com that Rock Band will be coming out on PS3, PS2 and Wii on August 29, giving Microsoft a full three months of Xbox 360 exclusivity.

Last week EA caused uproar when it announced the release date and pricing of the Xbox 360 version of the game in Europe - £50 for the game disc and £130 for the Instruments Edition, which includes a microphone, guitar and drum kit.

Many gamers have expressed their refusal to pay the RRP of £180 for the game and Instruments Edition when it's nearly £100 cheaper in the States.

You can see what we made of the whole "Is Rock Band a rip-off" furore over at our weekly Big Issue column.

We've also got a two-part interview with developer Harmonix's design director Rob Kay, where he explains the decision behind Rock Band's UK pricing and bundling.

Update: VideoGamer.com earlier contacted EA regarding the date following the presence of an August 29 release date on a Rock Band fact sheet.

EA's confirmation has now been retracted. The publisher telling VideoGamer.com that the European release date for Rock Band on PS3, Wii and PS2 "isn't confirmed, and is on the factsheet in error".

All EA is willing to confirm is a "later this summer" date, which is back where we started.