RIFT's adoption of an level-limited trial has proven to be successful for the game's numbers, according to marketing executive Jim Butler.

The MMO went from time-limited trial to level-limited earlier this year, while statistics for the game have shown this move has gotten users to stick around. Speaking to [a]listdaily, Butler explained its success was down to allowing players "to fully experience the game without worrying that a late night at work or a movie with friends will cause them to miss something."

He adds that while it seems RIFT may be flirting with the free-to-play model by including this extended trial, Butler maintains subscriptions still have a place in the market.

"We continue to believe that there is room in the MMO marketplace for high-quality, AAA games that can command monthly subscriptions."

Trion's introduction of RIFT Lite, lets anyone with a Trion account play the game for free up to level 20.