The main game mode is called 'World Explorer' and this will be where you access Global Time Attack, Single Race, Online Battle, Multi Battle, Garage and options. The 'World Explorer' has over 230 races to take part in which can be accessed via a flow chart, and you are able to fully customise your own race tour.

Ridge Racer 6 will have 30 courses to race - a record for the series - and Famitsu names five new tracks for the game: Harborline 765, Southbay Docks, Highland Cliffs, Crossbay Tunnel and Surfside Resort. The game will also include a number of new cars with a total of over 130 available including the Meltfire and Hijack.

Few details on the Xbox Live game modes have been revealed, but Hideo Teramoto, the game's producer, says he wants to push the game to ensure the maximum number of players can take part online together. He also said how the Global Time Attack will allow players to race against times from players all over the world.

The nitro system that was introduced in the PSP Ridge Racer game is back and has been tweaked to make its use far more tactical. Enemy AI has also been improved and with more cars on track it will make overtaking much more difficult with much less open road to utilize.

Ridge Racer 6 has been confirmed as a launch title in Japan on December 10th, but currently its release date in Europe and North America is unclear. EA will co-publish the game in PAL territories, but no release date has been set.