Square Enix has announced the next round of DLC coming to open world shooter Just Cause 4, and it seems this time Solis has developed a bit of a bug problem.

Entitled Los Demonios, the DLC sees a demonic parasitic invasion unleashed across the island, causing 'demonic hordes, pulsing tendrils and spore-filled clouds' to spread across the open world of the game. Naturally, it's up to Rico to battle this infestation with his trusty tools, to which will be added a Demon Crossbow and a Demon Egg Drop as the featured upgrades, with more stuff promised.

It'll be released July 3 and makes up the second part of the ongoing 'Dare Devils, Demons and Danger' expansion pass which kicked off with Dare Devils of Destruction earlier this month.

Developer Avalanche Studios has also released a Spring Update to the game, free for all players, which includes improvements in lighting, destructible railway bridges and much more as detailed on the developer blog. You can see a trailer for that here: 


Just Cause 4 is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. We weren't overly impressed in our review, but maybe this swerve into sci-fi horror is the shake-up the game needed?  

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