by on Dec 5, 2018

Report: Dragon Age 4 won’t be out for at least 3 years

The next chapter in BioWare's Dragon Age franchise is definitely in development, but it could take at least three years before we see it in stores, according to a new report on VentureBeat.

Citing sources 'familiar' with the project, VentureBeat claims that Dragon Age 4 – or whatever name BioWare ends up calling it – won't be out until 2021 at the earliest, and a final name has yet to be decided.

However, while the game is still some ways off, we'll apparently get something at The Game Awards on Thursday night. This was previously hinted at by BioWare's Casey Hudson just last week.

Dragon Age 4 has been in limbo for about a year at Electronic Arts, and indeed earlier this year BioWare said it was 'still figuring out' what direction it would take.


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