There will be no install limits for hotly anticipated PC-exclusive RTS Dawn of War 2, Relic has said.

Speaking in an interview with, to be published next week, associate producer Jeff Lydell said that while the developer is "looking at some form of DRM" for the title, it "wants people to be able to play their games on multiple PCs".

Install limits on PC games has caused quite a stir among PC gamers this year, with a number of high profile games, including EA's Spore, shipping with a restriction on the number of computers it can be installed on.

Dawn of War and Company of Heroes developer Relic, however, is taking a different approach with the high profile sequel. Lydell told "We are looking at some form of DRM for Dawn of War II, but we're heavily concerned with the consumer end of that, and the consumer experience. We want people to be able to play their games on multiple PCs. We want them to be able to play it with their friends, and most importantly we want any authentication to not be annoying or a detriment to the experience."

When asked if there will be any form of install limits on the game, he replied: "Not that I'm aware of, at this point. Just to speak a little further on that... the thing we are trying to do is to give incentives to be online. One of the things the high profile games have had had in the past is that they've been primarily single player games, with no reason to be online. When you have a multiplayer component or content that can be distributed through online there's an incentive to be a licensed user."

You'll find a brand new hands-on preview of the game, which looks brilliant, right here.

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