What's coming next for Trials will surprise fans, RedLynx has teased - but whether it's an all-new game or an expansion to last year's Trials Fusion remains unclear.

Speaking to Red Bull about what's next for the series, creative director Antti Ilvessuo replied: "Something surprising. We can't quite comment yet, but we are thinking of new things to do and how to do it. I can't talk too much about it. But we are working on how to do new stuff. That and the 100-year secret - it's really not a joke!

"I think the really important thing is that from day one we set out a target that we will keep this game [Trials Fusion] alive," he continued, "and I think it's showing in that there's a huge amount of content and features - and it's not stopping. Players are now really seeing that, and with the multiplayer, we've got some great feedback. It took time to deliver it, but we think we've nailed it now."

RedLynx has already delivered five expansion packs for Trials Fusion with a sixth, After The Incident, expected to release soon. But Ilvessuo hasn't ruled out releasing even more, telling fans to "see what happens in the future" when it comes to DLC.

"So we have six DLC packs done already...," he commented earlier in the interview, "and let's see what happens in the future, but there's still a huge team working on the game. Even though it's out, we've not stopped working on it."

Trials Fusion is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC.

Source: redbull.com

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