A new Xbox One app that lets users browse and post comments on Reddit will be available in the US and Canada soon, Microsoft has announced.

ReddX will let users upvote or downvote Reddit threads with a touch of a button and post comments using their Xbox One controller.

You'll also be able to save images to your profile, set any image as the background of the ReddX app, view YouTube videos within the app and rewind, fast forward or pause animated GIFs. Further features will be added over time, too.

ReddX won't be available in the UK at launch, however, because the ad's app provider "only serves ads" in the US and Canada. "We would very much love to bring ReddX worldwide, and are exploring options to do so while still being able to pay the bills and keep the lights on," the developer says.

Still, if you're in the US or Canada, look out for it on the Xbox App Store soon.

Source: majornelson.com, reddit.com